A scenic trip along the Loire to Saumur.

29 May

We wanted to take our friends on a trip which we had done years before, so the four of us headed down the “green” scenic route shown on our French map from Angers to Saumur and the Chateau there. The little villages built along the Levee for safety are all characterful and delightful. The River Loire just adds a whole knew atmosphere. The air con was in full swing and the factor thirty came in handy when we were in the sun !

Perched high above the town, with extensive views all around, the Chateau is still under massive renovation following a collapse to part of the walls in the early 2000s. We arrived in time for a tasty lunch at the Chateau restaurant. The omelottes were custom made for three of us but I had a hand made gourmet burger. I was even asked how I wanted the steak burger cooked. It was delicious, especially after my spell of healthy eating !

Whilst standing on the edge of one of the viewpoints, the three of us were joined by Trish. She almost failed to stop at the very edge of the huge drop, almost taking Pam with her! I managed to lift the rear of the chair , spinning the wheels and stopping the runaway just in time. Slight bruising to Pam’s feet and a lot of adrenaline amid equal amounts of relieved laughter ! This was the start of the Evel Knievel jokes ! (Sorry Trish, just had to post this!)

Back to more leisurely activity, we enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere of this ancient Castle. The views were epic.

We made our way back along the same, Northern side of the Loire, to Lac de Maine. Each village had traffic calming schemes, individually matched to the geography. One way systems allowed us to experience the side of town , not seen on the way down. Stunningly beautiful. A minor detour down onto the ancient flood plain showed the fertile soil deposited by the River and the abundant crops being grown. Both commercially and in allotments and gardens.

Another day in paradise. We cooled off in the evening over another BBQ., back at the campsite overlooking the swimming pool. We did a last minute lap of the lake on our bikes to burn a few calories. Just under 4 miles. Not too bad for old ‘uns !

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