Day three. Drive down from Normandy to Anjou.

28 May

Another beautiful, sunny day. We avoided the Autoroute and Peage and made our way down the rural “D” roads. That way we could pass through and experience the lovely little towns and villages of Calvados, Normandy and Loire. The first thing our friends noticed was the smooth and abundant tarmac. Unlike the UK at present which seems riddled with pot holes.

Our route took us through towns including Ernee, Percy and Laval. (Where we had a big diversion) then Chateau=Guilloume, Le Lion d’Angers before arriving in leisurely time at Camping Lac de Maine, in Angers. Every Village we passed through had traffic calming modifications which did appear to police the 31 mph and sometimes 20 mph speed limit.I assume (?) that all this may have been paid for from EU funding or from French Government , forward thinking, people focussed investment.

We arrived at Camping Lac de Maine about an hour before our friends. We lost them when they dropped behind a little too much and they mistakingly joined the Peage. They managed to return to “our” “D” roads but by then we had widened the gap. I could only see their motor home in my extended towing mirrors as we curved around the sinuous roads. I had no direct view to our rear, so it was difficult to focus on my own progress, let alone, watching out for a pair of travelling vehicles. The campsite had weathered well over the last 3 decades and since we were last there in 2013, for Le Tour de France bike race, it just had new staff in the well run office and was clean and well maintained. Recommend this municipal site very highly. It is adjacent to the Lac de Maine , named after the River Maine which joins the River Loir (not to be confused with the also nearby LOIRE) , the lake is man made and makes for perfect walking, cycling and jogging around it’s almost 4 mile circuit path. We averaged 9 miles a day with one 12 mile effortless cycle which saw us right into the City Centre , opposite the Chateau Angers and down river to the Pont Liberation and the moving tribute to the 108 American Dead who gave their lives when the US Forces and others  Liberated Angers.

As I translated the plaque to my English ( Aussie !) chum, we were shown incredible respect from a passing French family. Quite moving to experience this. More to report tomorrow.

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