Our Trip to France , May 2018.

27 May

The first day, we drove down, in convoy. Ourselves, in our campervan/caravan “combo”  and good friends in their IXEO motorhome. We pitched at the Caravan and Motorhome Club site at Rookesbury Park near Fareham. Ten out of ten. I discovered that my submersible water pump was u/s but that could wait until our destination was reached. That night we headed for Villas Brasil Steakhouse and Sushi Bar nearby.

This Brazilian BBQ , located in a former public house, offered genuine Brazilian food of too many types to list. We feasted on mixed salads, bean stews and cheese bread and were served a huge choice of cooked meats from the BBQ skewers at the table. Not to mention the fish dishes and other side dishes. Unusual for us but very welcome after a long drive.

Next day saw us on the Brittany Ferry, Normandie from Portsmouth to Caen (Ouistreham actually) but that was never to be reached……………….. !

We settled down for a sunbathe on the rear deck, after exploring our cabin which had lovely sea views. About half way across to Caen we noticed that the pattern in the wake had changed dramatically and we quickly lost speed. A fishing net had snagged on one propellor and eventually we diverted to Cherbourg where a diving team awaited to remove it. We lost about 3 hours but enjoyed a long lunch in the self serve restaurant. Our next stop was an overnight at Le Puit campsite in the middle of Normandy.

We arrived late and annoyed the Irish owner who was enjoying his early evening meal. I had been kept busy sorting the new route, communicating it to our friends and watching out for him trailing in our wake. With a 50 mph imposed speed limit he struggled at times keeping up on the winding roads. I never had chance to phone the site to warn of our delay. Recommend this site, though. Very convenient stopover prior to Ferry at Caen and Cherbourg or for a longer break if visiting Normandy. Will update day by day , tomorrow.

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