A lot of travel this week. Great Fun

30 Mar

Caught up with a best mate from schooldays via the wonderful Facebook and went to meet in the flesh on Wednesday. An absolutely heart warming day. Looking through old photos of his family, friends and cars (he’s a total petrol head like me) and I met  his delightful wife at last who is coping with an illness so well.

I arrived deliberately early so that I could have lunch in the Kampa right on the sea front. Llandudno looks so much like Nice in the South of France. All the Hotels are freshly painted and looked gorgeous in the spring sunshine.

I have fond memories of a school visit here after a trip to San Sebastion was cancelled due to a French Rail Strike in the 60s. Red hot sun, vibrant school girl friends and a posh cafe lunch near the Great Orme. Then there was spectating on th RAC Rally on the Gt Orme in the late 70s. Awesome ! If you have not been here, make the effort and go. A traditional old seaside holiday town.

I parked right opposite “Venue Cymru” with marvellous sights. A couple walking the Promenade stopped, obviously interested in the Kampa but I had a mouthful of my high protein, high veg and fruit diet so despite wanting to chat to them, I missed the chance They photographed the Kampa though and hope they find the Blog from the logo on the side. My friends reunion could not have gone better. His late father had been a navigator on Lancaster Bombers in WWII and I always had tremendous respect for him. It is a reunion which will continue as renewed friendship. I don’t forget friends easily.

Thursday saw me driving to Portsmouth and back doing a favour for a new friend. I took his Merc C230 Kompressor Auto for the return trip ( What hardship I endure these days……… LOL). Most enjoyable, all to do with an expensive motorhome purchase. He and his lovely partner will be bringing this new purchase on our forthcoming joint trip to France. Lots more to come. Keep visiting the Blog. What a great week and family over for Easter weekend too !


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