A Classic old Viva Pop Top on EBay

23 Mar

When I was just seventeen, I needed a job before starting my Engineering Student Apprenticeship. I got one, making aluminium TV aerials for Strombergs in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. I was attracted to the job as it was described as a driver/operative.

My father, at the time, said that they would never employ a 17 year old. Anyway, I got the job. Driving one of these Vauxhall Viva vans, usually to and from Wrexham in North Wales with sacks of TV aerial fittings and attachments. Loved it !

This pop top Classic is for sale on EBay. see link below. I think it’s worth a look.

Thanks to my very old chum, Miffy , for pointing this out to me. That slide out is way before it’s time! They didn’t skimp on roof light either.

A roof bed and bijou interior . Great fun !

These were willing little engines with light controls, sweet gearbox and due to lightweight contstruction, a surprising turn of speed. ( I was only 17 , after all…..)

If you buy it, please keep in touch and report in on what you’re up to with it !

Just noticed that it is in Holywell, North Wales, only 20 miles from Wrexham.




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