A narrow miss but survived London in the Snow

5 Mar

Just returned from a week in London in the snow. I parked the campervan about one third the way down a hilly street on a sweeping curve in the road. It’s very wide and cars park, legally, on each side of the street outside their owners’ houses. The Kampa was across the driveway entrance to my daughter’s home, just in front of the dark coloured MPV pictured above.

One morning, a lady driving a white, convertible Audi, came up the hill rather too fast for the conditions. Another lady was driving down the hill and managed to stop just above where the dark coloured MPV was parked.

The Audi failed to stop and there was a low speed head on collision alongside the MPV and close to our Kampa. There was quite a bit of frontal damage. The lady coming down the hill reversed back up the hill in the snow but the Audi driver seemed to panic. The Audi slewed across the road closer to the MPV and then cut across the front of it, colliding (we think with the front bumper). The lady then drove onto a neighbour’s driveway blocking in their next door neighbour’s car and obviously blocking the private driveway. Out she got, carrying a suitcase. A heated exchange of words with the other driver and she was gone.

Three or four hours later and a little car transporter arrived to take away the damaged Audi. The debris from the crunch remained on the snow until a neighbour removed it.

So glad that nobody got hurt. So glad that they did not hit my Kampa. It takes so much time to get repairs done and it is always a huge hassle from my experience.

Coming home in thawing conditions we witnessed so many cars being driven by people, too fast, with no signals and obviously way beyond their actual capability. So glad I have forward and rearwards facing “dash cams”. I wouldn’t be without them. But they would have been of little use from a side impact whilst legally parked. Some unpleasant, selfish people about.


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