Scottish Show starts today. Caledonian Campers e-NV 200

8 Feb

Hillside version.

Regular viewers will know that I love some of the Campers produced by Caledonian , Clydebank, Glasgow. Well at today’s opening of the Scottish show at the Scottish Exhibition Centre they are revealing their ALL ELECTRIC campervan based on the Nissan e-NV200.

Now, in June 2016, I wrote about Hillside Leisure’s , “World First” version of this base vehicle but it does not seem to be listed today on their website. The Caledonian version is also claimed as a World First, “Commercially Available” electric campervan. Caledonian’s IS all electric , using inverters and needing no LPG. It has got to be worth a very close look indeed. I believe that a range of up to 200 miles is possble but have not seen that claim made. I hope that is not just a publicity seeking “concept” one-off. The NV200 itself as a base vehicle taps into a niche market. The electric vehicle currently (no pun intended !) addresses an even narrower niche.

Martin again originally informed me of this new release having seen a pre-show press bulletin in Scotland. Cheers matey !

If you are not in a massive rush to cover several hundred miles and already know the benefits of a car sized campervan, this all electric innovation may be for you. Using it as we do, a frequently used, day camper with a few nights camping periodically, with just one vehicle, I could see us actually buying one. What a novel , chat inspiring vehicle to pitch up on a campsite ! Cannot wait to see the reaction at the Scottsh show which runs to the weekend.

Doubt that we could tow our Elddis 302 with it though.



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