Now ready for anything Spring throws at us

27 Jan

Although not completely down to the legal limit, with Spring fast approaching, I had two rear tyres replaced yesterday. Ordered online for best price and appointment arranged, it was a straightforward job. Or it should have been !

Booking in, I asked if I could get one of the new tyres fitted on the front. Sharp intake of breath ( really ?) from office manager and told ” yes, but will have to charge you.” No hint of cost so when asked I was told £20 for this additional service. I thought it would be about a tenner. After all it is a case of  “bump, bump, bump on trolley jack, Five spins on the compressed air gun and wheel is off.”  Repeat and wheel is on. It’s only one additional swap. I declined. I can get my own tools out for that much and spend a few minutes of my time. In retrospect it does seem a bit tight of me but it was the attitude behind what was being said.

Then, chatting to a lady getting her little Ford MOTd., she told me that she had paid for a cambelt swap at that site. After a problem she realised that the work had been sub contracted out and her engine had destroyed itself on start up. It took ages to get justice done and she had swapped the car on it’s return once repaired. Prior to my own cam belt swap, they told me that they no longer carry out this type of work.

As I was leaving with my new tyres fitted, I got a very poor “apology” for having to charge me ( it IS actually the current going rate, I now know) but then as I continued to leave , I got “instructed” to “hang on ! you need to know why we charge what we do!”

I have been visiting this chain for several years for my own car and my son’s total needs. I have also bought three caravan tyres. Prior to a recent change in what appears to be all the staff (?), customer service was great. Pleasant, smiling , customer focussed welcome and spoken to properly with mutual respect. Here endeth my dealings with these clowns.

Compare this to the wonderful treatment by competent engineers when the cam belt was done. (scroll down to read). Guess where all my business is heading.

That said, now ready for this year’s travel. Cam belt renewed, all serviced and good tyres all round, let’s get on with the fun side of motoring!

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