Faith restored

13 Jan

Regular readers will know that on October 6th 2017, I posted about my newly discovered, favourite dark beer. Polygraph from Salopian Brewery , near Shrewsbury.

I bought a 20 bottle box, some for my own cellar but also some for the forthcoming Christmas visit to London, by the American side of our growing family. We have been on the receiving end of the best hospitality known to Man, from these delightful people in the past. This was part of our chance to return some warmth to them. With a September 2018 use by date on the bottles, all seemed well.

Sadly though, just after Christmas, I tried a couple of bottles with friends at home in the cellar and they had soured ! I immediately contacted my son , to discover that the batch left in London for our guests had also gone off ! This was a huge faux pas for me personally due to the importance of trying to share a boozy treat with our friends! An unusual event but disappointing in the extreme.

Yesterday, to test out the new timing belt kit , we headed for Salopian Brewery with the remaining few bottles of Polygraph as “evidence.”  We were warmly received and came away with a  belated Christmas selection box of premium Salopian beers as compensation. No Polygraph but these beers below to enjoy instead.







The Crown in this Jewellery box seems to be the hefty 9 % Lullaby. Reviews say it is devilishly easy to drink…………..Please drink responsibly.

Now, with the campervan refreshed and a further safe spell of life expectancy under it’s belt (geddit ?) faith in decent, honest, customer service is restored. Thanks to Salopian Brewery for the beers. Thanks to C & S Haynes Ltd., who carried out the engine maintenance! More about this in a seperate post later.


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