Happy New Year. A low news day for campervanning.

6 Jan

Firstly, a Happy New Year to all visitors to the Blog. As usual we have ambitious plans for using the campervan in 2018 but more about that in a future posting to come.

Regular readers will know that I use both front and rear facing dash cams in the Kampa. I have previously used these for diverse purposes in the past including security monitoring at an elderly relative’s home , which proved quite successful and for filming some Tour of Britain cycle racing at Axe Edge near Buxton:

  Here, I fastened a camera to a wing mirror and got some surprisingly high quality video  of the service vehicles and riders which has been shown on the Blog. These little cameras cost as little as £24 including a high quality, reliable, 32 gb Samsung micro memory card.

Currently, we have a vandal in our otherwise, quiet (ish) village. We all think that it is probably one individual and a mate or two. Most of the vandalism has been after a local pub closes. Most of his work has been against publicly owned items including the Christmas tree (!) and a rooted fir tree next to it. Some damage has been done to privately owned property including at least one car having roof damage and Christmas lights adjacent to pavements. A sad state of affairs.

Consequently, I have brought my little stock of dash cams into play. Why pay out for CCTV when I already have some new and some “vintage” cams already? With a 32 gb card installed , the recorded “loop” when used continually is quite extensive. As long as the camera is switched off within  a couple of hours of an incident, it’s pretty likely that with 4 or 5 cameras in use, there will be some 1080p quality video for evidence.

With two cams running in the campervan during the early hours on night mode, they do consume a bit of battery capacity, even with the screen saver mode enabled, so I use the UHU to supplement the leisure battery. Two more cameras in an upstairs window give extra coverage. Easily powered from a twin USB , 240v supply plug.

So far, no damage done and no evidence but the local PC is on the ball and promises action if anyone can provide further video. A local shop got some CCTV  video when the Christmas tree got damaged.

Midsummer Murders ? It’s got nothing on our village. LOL.


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