Some cheap insurance and a bit more maintenance to pay for

20 Dec

We have some winter travels planned and with the weather reports covering their “butts” with forecasts of doom and huge snow deposits, when I saw snow chains on offer at one of our local Lidl stores , I couldn’t resist paying the £9.95p for a pair. It’s cheap insurance really. They look a lot like these Tule chains above but came in a nice plastic storage case like this one:

There is no guarentee that actual road  conditions would allow the use of them and don’t damage the road surface or you could get billed. In nose to tail, full congestion, you would not get far but in some situations that £tenner may get you onto a layby, side road or other place of safety to get the pop top up, the heater on and a kettle set to whistle a hot coffee tune.

In Europe , signs go up when chains are permitted and compulsory. They are an alternative to snow tyres. The kampa is poor , traction wise in muddy or snowy conditions. Economically running tyres are not the best for snow.

They definitely look as if a demo practice fitment is needed in a spare moment. Reading the instructions in the dark, in snow isn;t advisable for a first trial. So planning on that before we make a big move.

Oh yes, that cosy heater. The self diagnostics on the Propex thermostat is showing a low leisure battery. Well it is almost 5 years old and it has done well. The green built in, battery condition indicator is still showing “green” but it needs a proper check. By the time an amber indication is showing, the voltage can be way down on what “captain propex” requires. Looks like a replacement is due. Wouldn’t want to be without a couple of kilowatts of blown air in that snow drift now would we?

30 mph maximum with snow chains but even that can be a brave speed if you want to keep your body panels in shape.


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