LPG top up and a beautiful model at my door

12 Dec

I tried to start the blown air heating on the Kampa to defrost and pre-warm it for my sensitive, ageing, body but it “wo-go”. So today I headed for a nearby Shell garage for a refill of Autogas.

The gauge indicated that we were about a quarter of the way into the amber zone. The weather was VERY cold, possibly down to – 5 deg C. With the gas so low, it was likely that there was insufficient “gassing” pressure to fire up the burner and satisfy the sensors on the Propex heater unit.

The plastic cover on the body mounted filler point on the rear offside wing would not come out of it’s recess. A ring of ice had formed on the plastic and it would rotate but not pull out. Eventually I got the little plastic devil  free and filled up with LPG. Ice can be very strong !!!!

It took 7 litres and cost £5.30p.The Gaslow cylinder is the medium, 6 Kg version so the physics does work out about right for the 80% cut off auto fill. Shell is not the cheapest supplier but we use so little LPG for heating/cooking that it’s not a big issue of cost. It is just so convenient to be able to top up, 24/7 at the garages selling Autogas. The refill brought the gauge level right back up to the safe, full, limit. Back home, the heater soon fired up correctly and we had restored the defrost function and avoidance of ” neshness”. ( Nesh is sensitivity to something trivial, like excess cold , damp or mild discomfort.)

And what about that beautiful model at my door, mentioned in the title of this post ?……………………..

No, not this one, although I still find her very beautiful after well over four decades. No, this one:

My pretty little model Fiat R470 Pilote arrived, all the way from Italy this morning. Extremely well packaged and looking even better in it’s  die-cast and plastic, 1/43 scale  reality. It really is “nice”, for want of a better word. I was so cheered up by this that I put up the Christmas lights overlooking the pool. (Mainly for the benefit of the good folk living on the other side of the pool , but hey, I am a socially aware type of person.

Looking forward to a pre-warmed trip to the outdoor market tomorrow. What a “sad” little person I am becoming. So easily pleased………………… LOL

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