Another fulfilling week in London

9 Dec

With my son in law again in West Coast USA., we are just back from another rewarding , heart warming, week in London with some of our family. A grandaughter , aged nearly 3 years but with conversation of a 12 year old and a gentle giant of a grandson, aged around 10 weeks or so , but the same weight as my weight loss (which is significant !) , we have had a wonderful, tiring , but totally engrossing seven days or so, trying desperately to take the pressure off my dedicated daughter. I can highly recommend spending some family time with your loved ones at any time of the year, not just Christmas. It’s not a dress rehearsal you know……..

Despite closure of the M4 and an accident on the M1 (our alternative route) we made great time coming home before the snow hits tonight. We collected El Pussy Cat a day early to avoid a short but possibly tricky snowy trip to pick him up on Sunday.

He was completely rested. Sleeping under an infra-red lamp when we picked him up. Obviously kept in overnight for over a week, we hope that we continue his diurnal pattern as he became nocturnal when we last away for a week. This manifested as a 2 hourly trip downstairs to allow him in and check that he was not carrying a live rat into Chateau Dinkum. To ignore him  resulted in noisy, and I mean NOISY tapping at the window from the flower box and/or SCRATCHING and door banging. In a quiet village, this can sound like Attila the Hun….. Angry ! We shall see.

Talking of Attila the Hun. We again saw appalling ” driving” , if that is the word for transferring your lounge onto the motorway and behaving as if you are asleep at the wheel. What on Earth has happened to standards? We saw 2 children, less than 12 years old in the back of an “S” reg big Jaguar , without seat belts or booster seats, being driven by a very relaxed Grandpa ( excuse the language but I would call him a dickhead) at 70 mph, changing lanes with no signals etc etc etc. I turn into Attila the Hun. What is wrong with these people? texting at the wheel:

Texting and talking while driving, hands of young man on steering wheel

Oh dear ! Rant over. But yet again, a journey of appallingly bad driving standards. Still, don’t let it marr a beautiful Family week. Walking in the Park. Fairy stories. Watching Sharks from a glass tunnel on YouTube. Pretending to be a Bear whilst cooking Salmon and driving to Sainsburys for forgotten groceries. I cannot wait to take my grandkids away in the Kampa and caravan. It will add yet another dimension to this short life. Enjoy it whilst you can ! LOL

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