People of the first light. Thanksgiving.

23 Nov

Today is Thanksgiving. My son blessed us by marrying  a beautiful American girl and we shall be celebrating in the American fashion with some of her delightful family. I have a beeswax candle from Plimoth Plantation to light on the table.

In the first winter(s) of 1620-1621, the Pilgrims from England were helped by the Native People, already there for over 15,000 years ( according to fairly recent DNA finds in the USA,) Known as the The Wampanoag, this tribe gave food to the starving, freezing English. This distorted (?) picture shows things differently:

The English particularly, had already taken some of these truly “green living” people into slavery. People who lived with a light footprint, taking what they needed but not wasting what was taken. Not quite in keeping with the slaughter of the buffalo which was to follow, for example.

Half a century ago, at Church school, we celebrated with Harvest Festival. One of my favourite times of the church calendar. Although no longer religeous, I still remember it with fondness, although some of that lingers on my waistline !

Recently, I revisited a local Motor Club. Forty years ago, I used to vigorously take part in Road events, single venue stage  rallies and autotests in several versions of my old Minis , Dolly Sprint and Mazda 323 Hatchback. To my delight, some of the former members were still there ! Many of my former friends, competitors and aquaintances had sadly passed away and for a while I was rocked by the shear numbers now departed. But others remained, some bearing the scars of illness but still breathing, in and out, still driving their cherished cars with vigour.

I think that most of us have lots to be thankful for. Enjoy your day. An old cliche, but it is the first day of the rest of your life !

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