Be thankful

11 Nov


Just returned from the Soldier Memorial in Madeley Heath. I only just made it on time. Lucky not to be on a charge!

In our house we have a constant reminder of memorial. This model cenotaph captures a view from a previous home where we lived for 3 decades. Ultimately, the model may go to a British Legion premises for display. Here is the Soldier Monument at Little Madeley: 

If anyone needs justification to buy a Poppy for Remembrance then perhaps you should read the very entertaining family story of Marcel Pagnol in his book(s) ” The Glory of my father, the castle of my mother.”

Try to ignore the cruelty and yesteryear standards behind trapping small birds and game, which in the 1880s was part and parcel of feeding a family, particularly when the father had died, leaving a troupe of children hungry. I almost abandoned reading at one horrible point involving an owl. Persevere !

Instead, enjoy the escapades of the 9 years old Marcel and his 8 years old friend Lili ( a peasant boy) in Provence in the late 1800s. But, read right to the closing chapters for the justification of remembering those lost in War.

Nice, short chapters, ideal for repeated bedtime reading as you nod off.

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