We enjoy a wet , grey day and a strange surprise.

8 Nov

We headed off on Wednesday towards Wrexham and Oswestry but on the way, in the Parish of Dodcott cum Wilkesley we passed the often seen pub, The Combermere Arms in Burleydam.

We were confronted head on by an oncoming young Fox Hound. It swerved off onto the pub car park as we screeched to a stop . We were well within the 30 mph village limit, so there waqs little drama. The car park was packed with horses and riders, many in Hunting Pink. I spotted a free space, did a “U” turn and parked up in the drizzle.

I am not a Hunt supporter at all. Despite owning shotguns, I only ever shoot at clays. I hated it recently when I had no choice but to kill a rat, brought into a bedroom from outside by our cat. But I had a little surprise to contemplate.

I think that this was a Drag Hunt organised by the North Shropshire Hunt. The days of using an aniseed scent are long gone (?) and now a specially scented liquid is soaked onto a cloth which is trailed by a “runner”. The Fox Hounds, a breed in their own right, follow the scent. The riders, lead by The Field Master, chase behind the hounds, jumping hedges and boundaries within a tight etiquette for land use and protocol. The field master was giving his pre-hunt talk after the stirrup cup had been enjoyed by the riders.

I sort permission before taking photographs as a kick in the shin from a green wellington often offends. They were a friendly bunch and have ridden out within the Law since the Hunting Act of 2004 . I watched the hunt depart before moving on for our own hunt. Antique hunting at Bryn Y Grog , Acorn Antiques and Cwmbran  Emporium in Oswestry.

The surprise? I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere despite my love of animals of all types. My wife had mixed feelings and wondered what happens if a Fox is scented during the chase.

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One Response to “We enjoy a wet , grey day and a strange surprise.”

  1. neilirving November 8, 2017 at 10:39 pm #

    We lost our chickens to a fox last night and hold it no malice, would love to ride drag hunt, riding across country like that sounds very exciting

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