Where’s Dinkum ? A “camper van-free zone” ?

5 Nov

It’s been over a fortnight since I last posted on the Blog. We have been tied up every day decorating the entire house and completing a loft conversion. We shortly have American relatives visiting England and Wales. My dear wife decided that if they call in and stay with us, then the place needed freshening up. There has been other things going on too, all conspiring to break our routine and stop our day venturing in the camper van.

I still need to get all the auxilliary belts and cam belt and sprocket changed. I have had a recommendation of a small local garage who can do it and have experience and the Nissan locking pins to carry out the work. The Nissan guide says it should be done at 5 years old or 75,000 miles. Although technically , 5 years comes up in 2018, the original van stood for several months during an extended conversion  period. With less than 55,000 miles on the clock, my judgement is that I have some time before this gets critical.

Also, before winter sets in, I am either getting an oil spray done on the chassis and underbody or I may even Waxoyl it myself if I feel the urge. At least I will know for sure that all debris is brushed off and it’s dry and salt free before I apply the rustproofing. If you use Waxoyl properly and prepare with common sense, then I am of the opinion that it does a good job. My old air-cooled Porsche stood the test of time  but that was prepared extensively. That is properly.

We have enjoyed some family time too with our new arrival ( a grandson !) but we are ready for a little National Trust or English Heritage time out. If it rains it may help to wash out the dried paint emulsion in my hair too !


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