A trip to Chorley and Storm Brian

21 Oct

Decided to take a break from decorating the entire house and finishing off a loft conversion and today we went up to Bygone Times antiques near Chorley in the campervan.We bought some early Christmas gifts.

We took the M6 on the way up and enjoyed decent dry conditions and a 50 mph roadworks restriction for much of the way. If the speed restriction in these roadworks is changed to 60 mph, I predict many more accidents and greater severity. People will still tailgate and risks will increase. It’s not about being alert.

Momentum or stored kinetic energy is =  mass of the vehicle x velocity squared

This means that for an increase in speed of “just” 10 mph, this energy, which has to be dissipated into crushed metal, hot brakes and other destructive damage in case of an “accident”, the increase in momentum is vastly increased.

So, when storm Brian hit the tin roof of the antiques emporium  at about 3.45pm, we decided to take the safer (?) route home using the A49 and not the M6.

The A49 has some history as a busy thoroughfare and is popular with motorcyclists, having mixed character along it’s length and “interesting” twists and turns for a keen biker. This cast iron milestone is just south of Warrington.

The bridge is now a heritage site. Sadly the pub nearby is now closed but I still recall an evening meal there, some twenty five years ago, whilst staying at the pretty Woodbine Cottage caravan site alongside the River Weaver. We once awoke here at Acton Bridge to a huge sea going vessel, sliding past and blocking the sky. Viewed from our old Excalibur coachbuilt motorhome.

We drove home in very blustery wet conditions, but we enjoyed the views and interesting sights in the last of the day’s autumn light.

Further south on the A49, in a section which we often frequent on our days out, flooding is more common, but we did see some areas where the drains simply could not cope with the downfall and we experienced scenes similar to this. The campervan had a good “power washing” of the underside.

Super day out. Enjoyed the van despite the conditions. An adventure not an ordeal.

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