Run out for Booze? Shouldn’t that be run out OF booze?

6 Oct

Station Rd, Hadnall SY4 3DD

Recently, whilst touring the Castles of Wales, I bought a selection of Stouts and Porters from all over Wales. One such craft beer was actually brewed in Shropshire. Border country. I tried it a day or so ago and was delighted with it. A new favourite. A black IPA., rich and full flavoured. Here’s one description:

Black in colour with flavours that are intensely malty and deeply roasted with accents of dark fruit, chocolate and mocha. Hints of sweetness are tempered by crisp tart bitterness.   Nuff said.

Forget your Belgium specialities. This is as good as it gets. Anywhere. Period.

I looked on the map for the bar and shop. It was just off the A49 North of Shrewsbury towards Whitchurch.

Today we visited and I bought a decent stock for family and got a decent discount for quantity and a free bottle of a previous batch to taste for comparison.

We made the short hop to Carding Mill Valley and had a light lunch at the National Trust Cafe just below the ford.

It was very busy, being a dry sunny day. There were at least 3 coaches of schoolchildren who appeared to be surveying the cross sections of the stream , above the ford.

Early afternoon saw us in Church Stretton once more. We never tire of this place. A grand tour of the shops, deli and antiques. As it was Friday we left a little earlier than usual to avoid the big rush on the short stretch of the A5.

We couldn’t resist popping into Salop Leisure to see what motorhomes and campervans they had in stock. Nothing caught our eye this time and a couple of them had quite offensive upholstery and veneer combos. Mmmmm..

What a lovely late Summer day !

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