Four years on. A tribute to Drivelodge quality.

2 Oct

For newer visitors to this Blog, here is a look back at how our Campervan came about.

Having seen my brother’s NV200, Metallic Grey works van, I straight away realised what a perfect base it made for a compact camper. The flat floors screamed out to have swivel cab seats fitted to make the best of the area availabe for habitation. We quickly discovered that Drivelodge of Cross Mills in Yorkshire, could fit a pop top and at that time, convert an Nv200 for us.

I bought a brand new SE version from Nissan on a fantastic discount scheme. Drivelodge then carried out the full conversion at their workshops. We already had the rear windows in the doors at the very rear of the van, one of which had a rear wash wiper. Drivelodge fitted the rest of the privacy glass.

Using a very basic sketch of what we wanted, Drivelodge pointed out that it was basically a classic VW , side cupboard layout and they made a few suggestions which gave us a 360 degree all round view out of the van.

We witnessed the very strong pop top support frame installed in the roof and their own flip over rear bed seat which has proved to be strong, reliable and functional.

Four years on, we have had only on two  little problems with “Drivelodge” work. A couple of the press studs to take the cab curtains are not securely screwed in and one of the 12v power sockets has never worked. We did not discover this for ages. It’s the one directly behind the driver’s seat on the front of the cupboards. We have never had an essential requirement to use this one anyway and so it still remains inactive. Not bad eh?

The strengthening in the roof is essential. It has functioned perfectly! No “skuttle” shake anywhere. Doors all remain perfectly in place with no rattles. The pop top still functions like new.

Drivelodge now specialise in pop tops. I do not think that they will reproduce our Nevada but you should check with them if you want one. Would I recommend them? Yes. Definitely.

Martin pointed out that one of Drivelodge’s trade customers , who DO full conversions really rate Drivelodge pop tops.


Drivelodge are here

Thistle Rose are n Skipton


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