A lovely drive out in the sun to Gwersyllt, Wrexham

24 Sep

My wife recently returned from a week in London on family business, leaving me finishing decorating a loft conversion. So today, when we woke up to a rare, sunny day, I insisted that we take a break and enjoy a trip in the campervan to Acorn Antiques at Gwersyllt , Wrexham.

It was a very pleasant drive out. A few cyclists and tractors delayed us a little but in the scheme of things it only adds seconds, not even minutes to the journey time. We did see a lot of corner cutting, some of it on the stretches of A525 having double white centre lines. A lady motor cyclist almost clipped us with her offside mirror . She had her wheels inbetween the double white lines and was leaning a good foot and a half into our (narrow) road space. She stood her bike up, mid corner. Not always a good idea…………………

Anyhow, we added a few more miles onto the campervan and I need to book a full 12,000 mile service ready for the real Autumn onset. Following the replacement intercooler pipe, it’s running like a train as usual. There is plenty of torque and the six speed box makes light work of fast cross country roads. The handling helps immensely in this whether dry or wet. I would definitely buy Avon (Cooper owned) tyres again.

We followed an older Talbot based coachbuilt motorhome at one point and they pulled over to allow the small queue following them to pass. We discussed how one of our previous 2 litre petrol “Talbots” only used to manage 24mpg at best and at much lower speeds than we can drive at. We consistantly¬† get 53mpg driving briskly on “A” roads. We now await news of the arrival of our first grandson before we dare to grab a 3 or 4 day break at the seaside. Always something to look forward too !

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