Defy the weather, it will soon be Autumn.

10 Sep

Having just read a book of myths and legends about North East Wales, including so many about our well known day tripping towns, we defied the rain today and went to Llangollen. Many of the tales mention Castell Dinas Bran which sits surprisngly high above the town close to the spectacular “world’s end” that is Eglwyseg Escarpment.This picture must be seen zoomed, so click on it and have a closer look.

My late father trained in Surveying here for his Degree in Mining Engineering when I was a very small boy. He later took me here in his little Ford Prefect to show me where he had been for so long.

On the journey, the new wipers on the Kampa did an excellent job and at one point we had lovely blue sky and full sun but it did not last and we arrived at Llangollen to cloud and showers.

We set off with the intention of making the very steep and challenging climb to Castell Dinas but it was so wet and windy we stayed in town, having a snack at Llangollen Railway Station which has been saved by future minded volunteers following Dr Beeching’s closures in 1964.

The surprisingly steep and long climb to Dinas Bran on a sunnier day.

The smell of real coal fires at the station took me right back to my childhood. I think I got an Ovaltine and not a hot chocolate in the station cafe by mistake. This reinforced the nostalgia. We braved a break in the showers to take some photos of the River Dee.

Repeating what we did in Abergavenny , Monmouthshire, recently, I bought several bottles of craft dark beers from Wales. We  now have a very decent range of stouts from the very North to the very South of this intriguing and proud land. We shall test them out when we celebrate the arrival of our first grandson in the near future. I wonder if he will get a Welsh first name. His dad is from North Wales.

Dinas Bran has so many myths and legends surrounding it. It is a marvellous place and well worth the climb to the top if you are fit for it. Wales has many stories including magical Bulls, Cows, giant Pig’s heads (which usually destroy new building foundations to prevent completion) , fairies, ghosts and witches. the Welsh Ellyllon are more like our Goblins rather than fairies which although sometimes benevolent can cause you to dance yourself to death.

The reason why we don’t hear much about them now? If they leave you gold coin periodically, this stops with penalties the moment you tell anyone………………..shhh!

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