A lazy visit to Halfords. Minor electrical failures.

7 Sep

Whilst in heavy traffic in the rainy gloom I noticed that the left hand headlight did not seem to be working. I checked last night and the bulb had gone. The right hand sidelight bulb was also out. This morning I had a quick go at removing the headlight bulb but with fingers like bananas and a definite lazy streak developing, I headed for Halfords instead.

After nearly 53,000 miles and four years the bulb was the first that I have to replace. Not bad in my experience. Halfords were onto it right away. A young lady very quickly got the bulbs and despite very tight fittings and poor access completed the lighting work pretty quickly. I was so impressed that I had new Bosch wiper blades fitted too.

It was only on Tuesday evening whilst driving from the pub dinner back to the campsite that I had moaned about the two oncoming vehicles we came across on just a 2 mile trip that had only one headlight showing. Me and my big mouth. Within 24 hours or less, I was committing the same sin…………………

Today, I also tried to open the memory card from one dash cam which should have held the video of the peloton passing at Humber Bridge on the Tour of Britain. Zilch to be found ! It turns out that both dash cams have packed in at the same time after 18 month’s service and gone to the great silicon chip heaven in the sky. At less than £13 each at the time, it’s pretty cheap insurance but I am now going to upgrade (I hope) and purchase replacements asap.   I really don’t like driving around without some back up evidence especially with all these idiots driving around with just one headlight……………  

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