“Back in the swim”

30 Aug

We kept a low profile over the bank holiday weekend. On Friday we did set off for Conwy but the traffic was so heavy around Nantwich that we quickly diverted to a local place of interest and stayed much closer to home. We know from friends heading to Holyhead and Manchester that they too had big delays.

Yesterday, with the holiday traffic diminished, we went to Heanor in Derbyshire. The Kampa is again running faultlessly, smoothly and economically. The concrete road surface on the A50 was the only intrusion. Is this the noisiest road in Britain? or perhaps the M25 concrete sections? Nasty !

Despite the widespread publicity surrounding the horror HGV crash on the M1 recently when 8 people died in a minibus, we again saw several incidents of tailgating and dodgy driving. Not surprising when you see that road traffic police have been slashed by 37% over recent years. Policing by road side cameras? Not convinced.

Talking about bad driving, in March this year, a car crashed into the Heanor Antiques Centre above causing a great deal of damage

see https://youtu.be/OO_FPhOsnjk

All the above, in a town centre, 30 mph speed limit.On the way home, we stopped off at Leisure Kingdom , the former Don Amott Caravan centre at Hilton.

We really liked an Autocruise Accent 3 berth van conversion. It was marked up at  a significant £35K. The one above is the more common Peugeot base version but “ours” was a Fiat 2.3 130bhp Automatic model. Out of interest, we had the Kampa valued as a part exchange. Despite currently advertising a Lunar Vacanza of 2014 vintage and low mileage at £19k, we were offered a derisory amount.

The offer was around half of the asking prices for similar ( and it has to be said, much LOWER spec)   NV200 campervans currenlty for sale via EBay. They are almost all the lower powered (85bhp., 5 speed versions) In discussions, their offer for our caravan was even more insulting.

Definitely NOT thinking of swapping the Kampa but if you want to sell yours, best to sell privately. A niche market, yes, but  the NV200 has many benefits. Much cheaper than a comparable VW based model, 53 mpg easily achieved, easy to park and convenient day to day.  On the final drive home,we discussed the reasons why we had ours converted and they still stand very firmly today. As an aside, the Vacanza did not sell well when introduced. Perhaps the novel, air bed was too out of the ordinary? Some of the home built ones featured on the Blog are far better in my opinion.

Planning another overnighter very soon.




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