Epilogue regarding the air duct failure

24 Aug

I was not quite as surprised as the person that found these squirrels nesting under their bonnet, but I was somewhat impressed by the busy complexity in the engine compartment of the NV200 when I finally fitted the new air duct today.   ( see the previous two posts below to be chronological)

The Loctite , Gorilla tape and cable tie repair lasted the 17 miles return trip to pick up the new duct from Nissan, Crewe. The glued joint had seperated by the time I got home but the Gorilla tape seal and cable ties had held it all in place and would probably have remained that way for some considerable time. A get you home tip if ever there was one.

There was a viper’s nest of air hoses around the front of the engine. Combined with air conditioning pipework, wiring and other components this made access to fixing bolts and jubilee clips very poor indeed. I dug deep into my toolbox for suitable, slender, short, bendy and flexible sockets, screwdrivers and torches to make the job possible.

Including time searching in the shed for suitable tools it took me two hours to complete the job. A test run for shopping in Market Drayton showed a return to full power and tractability. Thank goodness ! A permanent repair completed.

We pay a price for all the energy saving technology fitted around a modern engine. I should not be surprised that the small, 1.5 litre turbo diesel needs a lot of bolt on goodies to generate that impressive 110 bhp and beautiful torque curve. A few decades back you would have needed double that engine size and half as many cylinders again !

With most of our business activities sorted and the Kampa back to life, we must get off for some leisure as soon as possible. Sore knees, skinned fingers and sore back from bending over the front grille permitting !

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