After 4 reliable year’s motoring: A breakdown !

19 Aug

Having returned home from South Wales, we made a short trip to organise the business arrangments for the coming few days but on our return and not far from home we felt a “bump” and the engine lost power. Hazard lights on to warn faster traffic coming from behind, we limped home with the engine hunting and hesitating.

After much searching on the Internet and checking with my OBD tester, I diagnosed a faulty MAF (mass air flow) sensor. I whipped it off and cleaned it, but no change. I then disconnected the MAF and again no change in the symptoms. So, under pressure of having things to do and pre-arranged works to complete, I ordered a new , genuine Nissan sensor from Holdcrofts, Crewe. Three working days delivery plus the weekend to wait. Not brilliant but at least it’s on it’s way now. The only cheaper alternative was secondhand but similar age or older MAFs from EBay. Could not see much point in that. How long does a “hot wire” sensor last?

According to some on the Web, the most common failure on 1.5 dci Renault engines is the MAF. Most top brand MAFs similar to the NV200 sell for around £92. With only Nissan able to supply a new NV200 MAF., they charge a massive £201 inclusive. They change the electrical connector so the only apparent difference to that on a Clio is just that, a plastic connection. Then boost your margin somewhat !!!!!!!

So to get around and transport all sorts of materials for those planned jobs, I have  rented one of these 1.2 litre petrol Clios:

I tried  “Go Green” rentals, then got referred mid process to “Keddy” rentals, “Car Trawler” AND a third party insurance indemnity company. Turns out that this is all really “Eurocar” under their “Keddy” brand.That’s five, yes five companies involved??????????

In fairness, not a bad price for a 6 day hire and the Clio is a pleasant, quiet, but gutless little car ( 75 bhp ????) to drive with terrible 3/4 rear vision. I got all my material in it and was careful not to overload it as the excess on the insurance really focussed the mind! I have used Europcar a lot in previous lives and they are quite good to deal with from experience.

Let’s hope that the diagnosis on the NV200 is correct……………………

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