The Skirrid Inn. Clickhowell, Raglan and Monmouth. (Abergavenny day two)

17 Aug

This post covers day two of our trip. See below for day one.

We pitched up and rolled out the awning, putting our chairs out for some map reading. We wined and dined at the Rising Sun ( very good it was too) then fitted the insulation and settled down for the night. The temperature dropped dramatically in the late evening and the faithful Propex blown air heater came in handy once more.

Breakfast was the Angel bakery croisant , baguette , butter and jam. Then the free showers behind the pub and we were ready for another day’s adventure.

Tipped off by our friendly neighbour (in his 28ft long motorhome) we called in to photograph the Skirrid Inn, about a mile or so towards Abergavenny. Supposedly the oldest Inn in Wales and having used to house a courtroom where hangings too place, this atmospheric wonder had been the subject of many paranormal investigations and TV programs including “Most Haunted” i believe. Better than Jamaica Inn in the South West dare  I claim ?

We detoured along the A40 to Crickhowell. Another very pleasant town with floral pub fronts, historic relics and good old fashioned shops. The sign above tha arch at the Bear Inn says “Post Horses”, a reference to Mail Coach times?

Sadly I have no information about the stone tower above which is part of a garden wall now ! The other castellated building is part of a very old perimeter stone wall too. If you go down the hill just before this “white castle” you will find a caravan site at the base of the valley. More than the 400 yards on the sign but still a nice walking distant to the town, it’s pubs, cafes and shops. We bought some lamb pasties and a few bottles of my favourite Porters made in Wales. Different brewers and strengths. One was a hefty 10 % BV ! A winter’s night treat methinks…

Raglan castle was built to a very high finish. There is just so much to see, I cannot do it justice here. The inner moat and main tower outside the inner defences is unusual and follows the French fashion at the time. Incredible history to the place. Massive wealth and wheeling and dealing at Royal level. I just loved the place! Soaking up the atmosphere.

Tales  of intrigue and that’s my tolerant good Lady above ,standing at the watergate where many Ladies have previously stood after alighting from boating on the moat. It was a short drive to Monmouth next.

We lunched at Monmouth then walked through the long main street to the Nelson museum. Spotted a rare large “Gruffalo” soft toy for our grandaughter and could not resist it.

Saw this shop sign and just had to photograph it. NV200s  rule OK ! Eventually we headed back to the A49, Hereford and home but still managed a quick walk around Berrington Hall , a National Trust property enroute. A long chat to a volunteer about the “War and Peaces” art display in the dining room plus the family history of loss in WW I.  Then tea and shared cake before we made the run home.

berrington hallwar and peaces

The artwork,made from ceramics and sugar ,portrays war over the years. The centre piece is obviously a Nuclear bomb mushroom cloud. Not my favourite topic and not my favourite artwork but interesting nonetheless.



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