Abergavenny. Castles, Inns and lovely town visits

17 Aug

We decided to take heed of the weather report and drove down to the Abergavenny region of Wales fairly early on Tuesday. We went solo, leaving the caravan at home. We were rewarded with a very sunny all the way. Using mainly the A49 from Shrewsbury, it really is a pleasant way to travel. Much preferable to the M6 and M5 mayhem alternative. We went “oldstyle”, not booking anywhere but armed with a couple of back up contact numbers. At Pandy, on the A49, we stumbled upon The Rising Sun Inn and Campsite. A delightful young Lady booked us in and we headed for Abergavenny Castle and Museum. “If you should see a red dog running free………. and all that”

Abergavenny was so much better than we anticipated. We found it a lovely town, enhanced by the sunshinewith an interesting indoor market and some nice shops. We still forgot to buy tea and coffee resulting in my rescuing a rather elderly cupasoup for my next day breakfast lift. Couldn’t face hot chocolate!

The castle had an interesting history. Click on and zoom the pictures above to read of Christmas murders and more.

After some shopping and a rummage around the market, we eventually returned to the campervan with our local butter, homemade damson jam and bread from the Angel bakery. On our way back to Pandy we stopped at Skenfrith Castle and what a treat it was!

The late afternoon was warm and still. The delightful, quiet village of Skenfrith welcoming and calm. Inside the castles walls we were surprised by several children in wet swimming costumes, drying their towels on the warm stones of the interior. We headed through the beckoning arched doorway and found the River Monnow where the children were swimming. An absolute treasure of a place in warm weather. A walk around the village revealed St Bridget’s Church and cottages still showing their age-old windows , doors and features.

Dragging ourselves away, we hopped back into the kampa and returned down some very narrow and winding Monmouhshire lanes to The Rising Sun where we pitched on our previously given hardstanding next to a huge twin rear axle motorhome which dwarfed our little campervan. I joked with the friendly owner (from Liverpool) that we could park in his “garage”. There is more about this trip in the posting above.

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