The heart of Cheshire. Castles, Canals and Ice Cream.

3 Aug

Beeston Castle is maintained by English Heritage. We almost did not get access to day despite our membership cards and Direct Debit payments made early this year (still to be sorted  out.)

This hill top fortress is set on a sandstone protrusion with 360 degrees views over the Cheshire plain. Evidence of habitation since stone age times and defences around the base of the hill dating from bronze age times. Latterly it became a hugely fortified Motte and Bailey type Castle. A challenging climb from the car park if you push yourself a little for the exercise, which we did. A rabbit populated grass bank studded with beautiful pine trees leads to a sharply sloping modern bridge over the huge, partially natural moat or chasm. Spectacular !

We dropped into the Tattenhall Marina Cafe-Bar for a very good cup of coffee. I almost got thrown out by referring to narrow boats as barges. Finding the correct entrance was somewhat difficult but worthwhile. The place is most attractive and the bar welcoming. The workshops had a great method of dragging a narrow boat out of the water. Hydraulic rams fitted to the trailer rear wheels lift the entire vessel for working on the hull. Hope that they have some form of safety device to protect against hydraulic failures though.

Drawn by a huge replica of Peter Rabbit, made from straw on a metal frame, we next stopped at Snugbury Organic Farm Ice Cream.

This promotional Icon is the latest in a long line of other well made and proportionally artistic creations.

Previously here are just two:

Here is our review of just some of the huge range of flavours of Ice Cream made at Snugbury Farm.

Salted Caramel.  Excellent. Not too sweet. Deep caramel flavour.

Liquorice and Raspberry. Initially a massive hit of natural raspberry with lingering aftertaste of liquorice.

Damson and Sloe Gin.  Again, not too sweet, as in all those tasted. Natural full damson flavour.

Ameretto.       Subtle, mild almond ameretto . Creamy. Best eaten as a single flavour to best enjoy it.

We came away with Christmas Pudding and a Clotted Cream Vanilla stashed into the Kampa fridge. Still to try, but from those we tried, if they match the excellence of the four above then they will be top notch !

These are premium quality, from an Organic family farm business. Compared to Ben and Jerry or Haagen Dazs, they are less sweet (and all the better for it !) more naturally flavoured in my opinion with a wonderful creamy texture. You will not be disappointed !

A much better day than of late !


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