London, bad Karma, delays and more damage to the Kampa

31 Jul

Some religions of the World believe that a person’s actions reflect what happens to that person. Good deeds ultimately result in returned positive actions and vice versa. Bad deeds bring bad experiences.

So not quite sure what I may have done do deserve a short string of negativity the past few weeks. Nothing health hindering or serious, I may add but negative nonetheless.

Just back from another family visit in South London and very plasant it was too. Then , on Sunday afternoon we made the mistake of trying to head back via inner London and Chelsea Bridge.

Somehow we had missed the fact that the huge and laudable, “Ride London” event was taking place. Bridges over the Thames were simply blocked off and road closures extended beyond and into Surrey. We followed our slow thinking Garmin Sat Nav and eventually trecked out down the A3 towards Portsmouth and then the clockwise M25. Traffic was just horrendous especially London bound from the M25. But there was more……..

In very heavy, slow moving and in my case, stationary traffic somewhere opposite Chelsea Harbour, a very young Pizza delivery rider (NOT the one above, I stress………)  shot up a narrow gap twixt Kampa and granite stone curb narrowly missing my offside mirror. But then, to my amazement, this inexperienced excuse for a biker, suddenly swung left in front of our Kampa striking the front with his huge double decker Pizza delivery box or footpeg whatever. He ignored the collision and headed off between two lanes of stationary traffic before stopping out of range of the wasps nest of “whupass” vibrating loadly in my ” incredible hulk” alter ego. The situation was far too busy to check for damage and anyway the nasty little twerp was long gone.

I pulled onto a Garage forecourt and took a look at a map. Yes, a paper map. Useful beyond belief when you are truly lost and recognise no road signed place names. Only a few easily polished out marks on the front bumper could be seen. Probably a rubber footrest ? But ! There was more to come………..

Now, anyone who has ever replaced a body panel knows that on decent motors, the gaps between panels can be quite narrow and are very precise. The gap to the front of the cab doors on the NV200 for example are tight, being just a few millimetres wide.

How unlucky therefore (or terribly bad karma ! gulp……..) for something to have been flung at an angle into that tiny door gap. The projectile must have been extremely well matched to that gap with such force to have crushed the metal of the door panel somewhat and chipped the door paint. It must have happened during one of our runs up to 70 mph. I imagine that whatever did the damage was metal itself, perhaps a metal strip, nail or such like to have so precisely damaged the tiny area on the offside cab door. Bizarre!

see more about Body damage in a posting below.

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