Something very different but familiar to older readers

25 Jul

This Voyager 470 from Tonke , located in Holland, looks like many other van based conversions apart from the telltale wood panels on the sides. Tonke go much further though with their other models. Regular contributor Martin , from Scotland, sent in some interesting links recently.

Inspired by Gypsy caravan and traditional yacht decor, Tonke have at least four versions of their timber built campers. Some versions are detachable for free standing off=grid living. Others utilise the cab as an integral part of the habitation with swivel cab seats.

You can have either a “garage” for your cycles or a fixed bed for example. The traditional timber surfaces are very evocative of many old Bedford , Austin and Ford campervans of the past. I would imagine that the smell of wood would instantly bring back happy memories for the older ones amongst us.

Very different from the Autosleeper Kingham featured in a post below, which is ultra modern in the materials used. Tonke offer a wonderful mix of “ancient” and modern. Probably not the lightest of campervans but green in it’s use of renewable material perhaps?

Not sure that Tonke offer a custom finish to buyers. I would personally go for a much intense “flavour” of traditional Gypsy caravan style. As close to Bow Top as you could get. Perhaps with that all important log burner?

A most interesting range of campervans. I find them inspiring and could see many people spurred on to go for a DIY self build version. Prices range right up to the 70,000 euros plus which you could pay for a top of the range Autosleeper, Autocruise or I.H. Camper.



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