More about the East Neuk Fifer Cub high top NV200

21 Jul

I could not resist embedding this Video below. A blatant advert for a favourite, practical little motor caravan from East Neuk. Have a look and then view an American alternative in the posting below for comparison.

2 Responses to “More about the East Neuk Fifer Cub high top NV200”

  1. Martin J. McDowall July 21, 2017 at 10:21 pm #

    I think the East Nuek Nissan Nv 200 High Top conversion is terrific. We had our Citroen Berlingo converted by Drivelodge a few years ago and I must say the build quality was first class. The single biggest issue was they only did an elevating roof which we found, to be of, lesser quality than the conversion itself. It leaked and took several attempts by ourselves to rectify and in retrospect would have use an improved tent material for the elevator. I’m a Berlingo fan and own another new one as a passenger car to tow our caravan, but would love to see some inspiring convertor make a GRP high roof like the Nissan Nv 200. That said the Nissan seems to have stolen the march on proper micro camper vans and good luck to them.

    • Dinkum July 22, 2017 at 8:22 am #

      When we ordered our conversion from Drivelodge, they refused , point blank to make the “tent” for the raising roof with added insulation and “doube skinned”. As it happens, the insulation has not been needed as the propex blown air heater is more than capable, even in the wet winter of Lake District. Having heard of your significant problems with poor roof performance, I did immediately treat ours with a huge dose of can sprayed retardant, especially around the stitching. This has given us a totally waterproof “tent”. In fairness we have never tested the roof out overnight in storm conditions. The NV200 is high enough internally when closed for habitation and even when using the hob, so we close the pop top when it gets too wet and windy. High tops are far more storm friendly and much quieter in blustery weather.
      I just wish that we still had a made in Britain base vehicle for a range of conversions. The only one is the Vauxhall Vivaro, (unless someone knows differently) The Transit production was moved from Southampton to Turkey using EU funds paid to Ford, I believe. I intend visiting East Neuk Campervans at some point.

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