A few bad days for bodywork

19 Jul

We returned from London on Sunday teatime but it was not until Monday that we noticed some new damage to our Elddis Caravan. Someone had thrown a small bottle containing beer (Budweiser…… have they no taste????) extremely hard into our frontage. The bottle had struck the side of the caravan, bounced off, leaving one deep dent, a little dent and some scuffed paintwork. It then went on to smash against the substantial wall capping of our low boundary wall. There was still evidence of dried beer on the almost new masonry paint. The smashed bottle lay in mostly tiny fragments on the slate of our car park. It would only have been possible when only the caravan was there.

Then, today, we parked the campervan on one of the car parks in Market Drayton for our usual shopping trip. Returning to drop off some shopping, we noticed new damage to the offside rear corner of the campervan. Someone had crunched the metalwork between the offside rear light unit and the plastic lower bumper. A chap eating a sandwich nearby had seen nothing and said that the space adjacent to us had been empty since before he had arrived. Sadly, the rear facing “dash” cam showed nothing on interegation via the laptop.

Ho hum ! Perhaps a good job that I did not catch the culprit. I have been known to become physically involved.

Probably got enough small repairs now to warrant repairs. Not worth claiming on insurance???

2 Responses to “A few bad days for bodywork”

  1. dee July 20, 2017 at 6:40 am #

    Your blog is very interesting and enjoy hearing ago our travels. i owned an old VW van and there was a dedicated website/forum for users – Kombi club type of thing. Does one exist for NV200 yet?. I ask as I am thinking of buying and would like details of converters etc. Once purchased, is there a support forum?

    • Dinkum July 20, 2017 at 8:16 am #

      Thanks for commenting. There is a lot of information spread throughout the Blog’s archives and you can use the search facility.

      There is a Forum for NV200 users and I felt it pointless to set up another one on this Blog as was my initial intention. see http://nv200forum.com/

      You can , of course, revisit the Blog and ask questions via the Comments facility. If I can assist, I will !

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