Attingham Park, Shropshire and a couple of motorhomes

18 Jul

Every once in a while, even if we feel “settled and at peace” with our campervan of choice, we check out alternatives to see if we could improve our experiences. So, on route to Attingham Park and a National Trust lunch, we stopped off at Salop Leisure Ltd., for a quick peek at what they had in stock. We were immediately taken by this 2014 Auto Sleeper Kingham.

Peugeot based rather than Ducato, it was still reminiscent of our old Trigano Tribute especially the front lounge with side sofa and swivel cab seats. Only two seat belts though.

With a relaxing fixed bed removing those night time setup woes, it looked like an easy living, luxury home on wheels. A narrow rear washroom “ensuite” , an oven and hob, a microwave and a bike rack already fitted, it was attractive to us. Priced at the top end to reflect it’s superb condition, this 2014 model oozed class.

The fixed bed was the very common shaped, wedge plan. OK if you are used to a 3/4 campervan style bed. Especially if you and your partner still get along well. This bed lifted up for access too.

With the passenger side cab seat swivelled, I got into my favourite posiition, looking rearward, down that long length of ” van”. A long walk to the standard, drinks and wineglass cupboard. Not so sure about the the washroom door. Perhaps OK if you keep the runners well lubed with silicone spray? COMMENTS WELCOMED PLEASE.

Not sure that we are ready to commit to a swap, especially at the advertised price (gulp ………) but we did like the layout………………..

At Attingham Park, in the sun again and just down the road, we had a lunch chatting over this new “find” before touring the house , of which we never tire.

On the way out, we spotted this Vivaro Hightop. It did not seem to be branded but was a very nicely finished example. I think that it was 2.0 litre with 115 ps which is only 5ps more than our Renault engined NV200 and a bit heavier too. A nice bit of kit !

I would have loved a nosy around the interior but the owners were nowhere to be seen. Not seen one of these before. Do I lead a sheltered life, I wonder?


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