A hot lazy day at Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton.

8 Jul


Today was hot and sunny. We set off early and arrived at the top car park of Carding Mill Valley before all spaces were gone. It was that busy.                                                                                                                                                                                          

We parked, facing the stream. In fact, any closer and we would have dropped down into it ! A short, hot walk, down to the excellent, National Trust tea room and we purchased a delicious lunch of , what I believe mayy be Waitrose sandwiches and cake. I actually had Shropshire bread pudding and very good it was too. Sultana City !

Back at the Kampa, with roof up and ventilated, windows lowered, allowing a slight cooling breeze and we were set up for a comfortable reading and lounging break from it all.

The car park quickly filled to overflowing. Children were laughing and paddling in the stream. Ramblers and mountain bikers were piling past up the paths and the world was at peace.

We settled for almost four hours of reading and then dozing. I was in my favourite position, facing rearwards in the swivelled passenger cab seat. A tiny and very very cute Asian boy kept telling his Dad that I was facing the wrong way. Three or four times , he looked up at me, his little brown eyes shining with laughter and he obviously enjoyed me returning his grin. Later, I woke myself up snoring to hear “neighbours” laughing at my noisy snorts…. How embarrassing !  I felt that we shared in a huge family day out. Just wonderful.


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