Getting around when pitched up and a hint of what is to come from VW.

2 Jul

Martin has family links in the leisure vehicle market and sent in these photos of a 3 wheel scooter intended as comfortable transport when leaving a motorhome on-site. I believe that it is 150cc capacity and should provide economical and comfortable runabout capability.

The little transverse trailer looks very much like a towing dolly that we used to use behind one of our bigger previous motorhomes. It carried a small car, front wheels off the tarmac with the car’s rear wheels running on the road. Our car and dolly combined were less than 750kg. Incredible for a little 4 door , automatic, 660cc , 3 cyl Suzuki. Now, we are more than happy to take just our cycles with the campervan.

I am very impressed with this setup. Ideal if for any reason you wish to leave the motorhome on-site.

We only took a measured 20 minutes to clear away breakfast, secure the interior contents, unplug the EHU and head to town in any of our previous van conversion and motorhomes. Driveaway awnings can be easy and quick to disconnect. Our last one uncoupled by sliding out a figure of eight sectioned plastic rod.

Martin also prompted the following. I hope that VW have pur behind them their “enhanced” diesel pollutant specifications and the mileage claims for their all electric 2018 Transporter are genuine.

I have to say that the 2018 VW Transporter looks fabulous. Very much reminding me of the early Microbus variants, evocative and desirable. A stunning new concept. Thanks Martin !


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