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NC500 plan and the midge

11 Jun

Martin reported a bad year envisaged in parts of Scotland with regards to midge population. This stag looks  as if it came off very badly .  Having got the worst of the election news out of the way (????????) and having pulled the plug on my Facebook account for a while due to the constant bad news, we are looking forward to our trip later this year around the NC500 route. Keeping an eye on the midge season before making firm plans though.

Following our recent trip to the East Coast of the USA and having got so close to Canada, I have been looking at New Brunswick , just North of the border with the USA as a possible future holiday destination. Again, there is a midge issue in the National Parks of Canada in particular and a lot of discussion on forums as to whether or not the issue is worse in Canada or Scotland. There does not seem to be a definitive answer though.

Will try to geta few short breaks away as soon as possible. Caravans and campervans are only expensive if they are left sitting about on the driveway ! Ready to get away again!



Another look back

7 Jun

I have been searching for a copy of my late father’s birth certificate to prove my Canadian Citizenship (don’t ask)

Our search of family archives revealed only the death certificate and my line of thought was drawn to some of mum and dad’s old campervans and motorhomes.

My favourite was his Bedford CF pop top which boasted a 2.3 litre slant engine and stick shift automatic box. It was lovely to drive. The interior was very similar to that shown above. Basic, timber, but durable and surprisingly comfortable. My parents took it all over Germany and visited many friends made through the Scouting movement.

We still get visits from a few of them, although the number reduces with time. There were many from Austria and some of these young men went on to work in Hotels in Switzerland.

Compare then with now.

Friendships made through camping often endure. This is us visiting German friends in Duren :

   I wouldn’t like to pay for the petrol for this at today’s prices. LOL.

Tomorrow’s political events would definitely have been a huge talking point for Dad if he were still alive. I wish I could confirm to him, that his predictions would sadly become reality.

Best to look forward and plan for future trips. Making new friends and enjoying the company of old friends. No better way of enjoying life than travelling!

How to enjoy a lazy, wet night in a campervan

6 Jun

First job is to enjoy a hot , easily made meal. My choice could be tinned new potatoes, stewing steak, sliced green beans, marrowfat peas (like mom used to give us as kids !!) and whole, must be !, whole, baby carrots. Five heavenly tins always stashed away somewhere in the “van”

Get the washing up done pretty sharpish. If the weather is really bad, we use disposable plates , cutlery and cups. Wasteful maybe, but it saves massively on time and effort when it’s throwing it down. Then get the atmosphere in the van right.

Get the bed made up. We use a duvet beneath us and either another duvet on top or spacious sleeping bags. Decent pillows are a must have, especially for watching DVDs sitting propped up.

Have something from a still. Spanish brandy or some scotch and a bag of chocs. Why not?

Get the temperature right but plenty of ventilation, especially before your DVD finishes and you want to sleep. Don’t foget to leave the toothbrushes and paste handy and some bottled water for in the night.

   Settle back and watch a few favourite DVDs or other relaxing stuff you have stashed electronically on your wotsit device. My wife never allows loud volume after a certain time, especially if there are others camped nearby. Rightly so ! Too

You don’t have to be outside with a barbeque, beers and cold legs. Aaaaaaaaargh……….. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !

NV200 based coachbuilt from A to Z

3 Jun

Found some more information about the 2016 concept LE Type 1 Alpha shown at the Japan Camping Car Show.

Thanks again to Martin for finding this Gem.

A compact, proper little Motorhome based on a very reliable NV200.

There appears to be a few different interior layout options. I particularly favour the dinette which features swivel cab seat (s).

In the video below , you can make out a rear corner shower room. It takes a porta potti as shown here.

£32,000 equiv in Japan !  There is another version on video below.

It looks like a very usable package . I would love to do a walk round of the real item.

This is the East Neuk Cub for comparison. Please see the video of the A to Z “Alpha” below.

A Japanese coachbuilt NV200 Motorhome.

2 Jun

Martin is still pulling goodies from the barrel ! Look at this Gem. It is the most serious alternative to our current camper perhaps pipping the East Neuk Cub at the finishing Line.

If there is a Petrol version to ward off any future Lib-Dem anti-diesel impositions, then it’s heaven on earth!

   Now don’t be shy…… Come and have some major surgery done. LOL

Thanks, yet again Martin. What a star !

COMMENT from Almarich.     Although he liked this Motorhome and thought it suitable for  German and Scandinavian users, he spotted something that I had missed. There is no cooking hob or grill fitted. There does appear to be space for a combi, washbasin/hob where the current washbasin is fitted however.

Well spotted Almarich and thanks for contacting the Blog.

More dreaming of cosy camper vans

1 Jun

Some self built camper vans have the most attractive , cosy atmospheres. Here are a few to get you motivated. To get away from it all. To get a cosy night’s rest. To relax.

You don’t have to be laying down…………..

But I think that it helps to be totally prone……………..

Even when sharing your boudoir with a covered spare wheel, you can be guaranteed a good night’s rest!

I love the fresh air from the pop top and the sound of birdsong in the morning!