Thoughts from abroad. Not campervan related.

29 Jun

This Blog does not always comment directly about our campervan travels. This post reflects upon the effects of travel and perhaps the mindset found when seeking the good life. Hope that you like it. (Sven probably will not……. LOL)

Nine little stones

On a wonderful trip to the North East tip of the USA., I picked up seven little stones close to Bar Harbour and the Acadia National Park.

My dear two year old grandaughter , had previously brought me two other little rock samples. They were beautifully smoothed and differed in colour, one being green and the other a lovely shade of grey. I think that I now have in a small ceramic dish in our bathroom, a collection of at least three of the major types of geological debris eroded by glacial activity from millions of years ago.

When I pick one up, when shaving or brushing my teeth for example, each one reminds me of some memory or other from that trip. Memories change on each occasion, rather like a Nixplay digital photo album. I have had stranger things happening inside my head !

Here are nine examples of what comes to mind.

  • A lovely, cheering smile and windswept hair of my little darling handing me a stone and walking off purposefully to find another.
  • A large group of my son’s in-laws laughing, drinking and eating sea food over lunch.
  • My daughter’s “bump” aka my soon to be first grandson and her winning glow of life.
  • My wife’s beautiful smiling glance on a sunny beach when we witness a young couple in love
  • My daughter in law’s intense joy at her fabulous wedding with her marvellously diverse group of family and friends
  • Finding an outstanding new dark beer in a bar in Portland with my son in law
  • Looking West from Bar Harbour and seeing the edge of Canada where my late father was born
  • Trying to see inside the tiniest stone of all to read what joys the future holds
  • The immense optimism that comes from seeing a billions of years old rock still intact

I wonder what thoughts will spring to mind when I next have a shave?

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