A Trio of Lancashire Delights

26 Jun

Have you ever ordered something to devour and been pleasantly surprised by what arrives at your table? Well, yesterday, we had a surprise trio of events and visits to enterain us, despite an initially, rainy trip North.

Driving through Padiham we stumbled upon the “Padiham on Parade” and Farmers’ Market. A celebration of the 1940s and 50s. The whole town was decked out in Union Jack bunting and crowds covered the pavement.

There were many couples dressed in period, looking very stylish indeed. We decided to return later for a better look around but got engrossed in our other visits and sadly never made it. We did get a good view of events as we drove through.

We have been out and about a lot more recently and had a picnic lunch the day before on a field at Shrewsbury Flea Market. The food on offer at Padiham smelt so much more inviting!

nv200 shrewsbury

Next stop was Gawthorpe Hall near Burnley. A National Trust property, once a hot bed of Civil War Parliamentary intrigue but also a place of superstition. In view of part of Pendle Hill, home to the infamous Pendle witches, it is said that some of them were questioned in the great hall, now the dining room at Gawthorpe before being marched off to their trials at Lancaster, on foot ! One hell of a trek. The Hall was left empty for over 120 years (!) because of worries about death curses from Witches.

Here’s a little dialogue about the Pendle Witches.

Language alert !

There is a large collection of textiles at Gawthorpe and some amazing dresses showing the tiny waists in vogue back then.

Wow ! What a sexy look. Like Marilyn Monroe or a young Brigitte Bardot. Was this dress really worn?

The car park at Gawthorpe was quite small and crowded with cars but that did not stop some motorhomes from being parked up and used for afternoon tea. We had to cram ourselves partially into a large bush to park.

There was a poster on show indicating the hospitality offered or aspired to in the early 1900s. I am going to copy it and display it in the cellar bar to lift the standards!

    and less swearing chaps! Please.

We moved on to Towneley Park where a Classic Car show was in full swing. A massive event with funfair, helicopter rides and mini doughnuts to die for.

There was so much to see. The first thing to catch my eye was this self converted Suzuki Vitara. The interior was dark but appeared to be a small dinette with conversion to a 3/4 bed? The owner was nowhere to be seen and so information was limited. A go anywhere , versatile and novel conversion.

This little motorbike is just one version of the Honda 50, a hugely succesful genre of two wheeled transport. It made me both happy and sad. It was the first motorbike that my characterful old mate ever abused as a teenager. The happy memories of our dangerous activies flooded back.  Sad because he is now quite poorly, his joy of life curtailed.

The rain held off whilst we were out of the ‘van. Altogether a lovely day out. A triple whammy Sunday.

One Response to “A Trio of Lancashire Delights”

  1. neilirving May 20, 2018 at 6:21 am #

    Love Townley Park, it was a favourite place of my grandmothers, she came from Burnley 😀

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