A sunny day’s shopping and a car park lunch

14 Jun

It was street market day. today in one of our favourite Shropshire towns. Taking a day off from pointing the ancient brickwork of our cellar steps, we had a late start and headed off on the A525. The road was diverted just outside our village, possibly some early preparation for the crazy, overpriced HS2  rail improvements?

The weather was perfect. Hot, sunny and calm. I had an old iphone on charge in the campervan on route so that I could get a price for a repair in town. We parked up in the shade of some trees and began loading the ‘van with shopping, making about three trips with heavy bags to and from the nearby market street. I switched on the fridge as we planned to buy some ice cream for a dear friend who is undergoing some surgery on her throat. Luxury medecine ! “Just take some Haagen Das as required ………”

The phone took more time to charge than I thought and our favourite pub had stopped doing it’s popular carvery, so after collecting the now charged phone and dropping it in for one hour repair, we wandered around town for another lap before deciding upon a jacket potato in the shady, cool campervan. I had the gourmet jacket of the day. Welsh lamb , celery, carrot and mint in red wine sauce. We ate in the cab of the Kampa as the habitation section was stuffed with groceries, wine, beer and bottled water.

At one point, an elderly, tall man, returned to his 4 x 4 “lorry”, sorry, SUV and literally stood facing us, watching us eat !  I thought that he was even contemplating coming across to talk to us , as he looked very puzzled for some reason. Perhaps there is a by-law not to consume jacket potatoes in the car park? Or perhaps he had spotted a little gravy on my cheek?

A coffee in Costas followed and a charity shop tour for easy listening CDs, inspired by the wondeful accordion music from a busker in the arcade. Great choice of tunes mate if you read this ! 

Anyway we had a full day in town. A cheap lunch in our comfy cab seats and a bit of gentle excercise walking around a friendly, sunny old  town. Having and enjoying a campervan can be rather like watching an old classic, English comedy show. Not challenging and offering light, escapist relief from disturbing news stories. Nice !


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