NC500 plan and the midge

11 Jun

Martin reported a bad year envisaged in parts of Scotland with regards to midge population. This stag looks  as if it came off very badly .  Having got the worst of the election news out of the way (????????) and having pulled the plug on my Facebook account for a while due to the constant bad news, we are looking forward to our trip later this year around the NC500 route. Keeping an eye on the midge season before making firm plans though.

Following our recent trip to the East Coast of the USA and having got so close to Canada, I have been looking at New Brunswick , just North of the border with the USA as a possible future holiday destination. Again, there is a midge issue in the National Parks of Canada in particular and a lot of discussion on forums as to whether or not the issue is worse in Canada or Scotland. There does not seem to be a definitive answer though.

Will try to geta few short breaks away as soon as possible. Caravans and campervans are only expensive if they are left sitting about on the driveway ! Ready to get away again!



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