Another look back

7 Jun

I have been searching for a copy of my late father’s birth certificate to prove my Canadian Citizenship (don’t ask)

Our search of family archives revealed only the death certificate and my line of thought was drawn to some of mum and dad’s old campervans and motorhomes.

My favourite was his Bedford CF pop top which boasted a 2.3 litre slant engine and stick shift automatic box. It was lovely to drive. The interior was very similar to that shown above. Basic, timber, but durable and surprisingly comfortable. My parents took it all over Germany and visited many friends made through the Scouting movement.

We still get visits from a few of them, although the number reduces with time. There were many from Austria and some of these young men went on to work in Hotels in Switzerland.

Compare then with now.

Friendships made through camping often endure. This is us visiting German friends in Duren :

   I wouldn’t like to pay for the petrol for this at today’s prices. LOL.

Tomorrow’s political events would definitely have been a huge talking point for Dad if he were still alive. I wish I could confirm to him, that his predictions would sadly become reality.

Best to look forward and plan for future trips. Making new friends and enjoying the company of old friends. No better way of enjoying life than travelling!


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