How to enjoy a lazy, wet night in a campervan

6 Jun

First job is to enjoy a hot , easily made meal. My choice could be tinned new potatoes, stewing steak, sliced green beans, marrowfat peas (like mom used to give us as kids !!) and whole, must be !, whole, baby carrots. Five heavenly tins always stashed away somewhere in the “van”

Get the washing up done pretty sharpish. If the weather is really bad, we use disposable plates , cutlery and cups. Wasteful maybe, but it saves massively on time and effort when it’s throwing it down. Then get the atmosphere in the van right.

Get the bed made up. We use a duvet beneath us and either another duvet on top or spacious sleeping bags. Decent pillows are a must have, especially for watching DVDs sitting propped up.

Have something from a still. Spanish brandy or some scotch and a bag of chocs. Why not?

Get the temperature right but plenty of ventilation, especially before your DVD finishes and you want to sleep. Don’t foget to leave the toothbrushes and paste handy and some bottled water for in the night.

   Settle back and watch a few favourite DVDs or other relaxing stuff you have stashed electronically on your wotsit device. My wife never allows loud volume after a certain time, especially if there are others camped nearby. Rightly so ! Too

You don’t have to be outside with a barbeque, beers and cold legs. Aaaaaaaaargh……….. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !


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