A Japanese coachbuilt NV200 Motorhome.

2 Jun

Martin is still pulling goodies from the barrel ! Look at this Gem. It is the most serious alternative to our current camper perhaps pipping the East Neuk Cub at the finishing Line.

If there is a Petrol version to ward off any future Lib-Dem anti-diesel impositions, then it’s heaven on earth!

   Now don’t be shy…… Come and have some major surgery done. LOL

Thanks, yet again Martin. What a star !

COMMENT from Almarich.     Although he liked this Motorhome and thought it suitable for  German and Scandinavian users, he spotted something that I had missed. There is no cooking hob or grill fitted. There does appear to be space for a combi, washbasin/hob where the current washbasin is fitted however.

Well spotted Almarich and thanks for contacting the Blog.


One Response to “A Japanese coachbuilt NV200 Motorhome.”

  1. Martin mcdowall June 2, 2017 at 9:32 pm #

    It is clear to me, at least, that the Nissan NV 200 is making its mark around, the enviro conscious, automotive world, as a class leader in what can REALLY be achieved in the micro campervan world. I note recently that one of your Swedish readers felt that the blog did not bring him, closer to endearing himself to the Nissan marque . As a response, I , personally think that this type of innovation is not one that, comes off the factory line everyday. In conclusion, I think that the NV 200 is not a one stop shop, so whether you are in Sweden, Or any other part of the globe, you need to wait to see what our friends across the globe decide to do with a vehicle , that has clearly made its mark and, can now be seen as a leader in the micro- camper market. It would be interesting to see what our Swedish cousins can come up with.

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