An electrifying Pickup and talk of Armour.

30 May

I recently showed some photos of some very Macho, XXL Pickup trucks from the USA., but here we have an E-NV200 pickup truck Lite. Does not quite hit the spot for me. A bit like drinking a Bud Lite on a cold “Gold Label” type of night !

Took a day off from repainting at home today to visit Chirk Castle near Wrexham. Having recently spent almost four weeks being chauffered around eastern coastal areas of the USA., it was brilliant to make the country drive in my prized NV200 once more. I genuinely enjoy handling our little camper, especially on the curving rural roads to the west of our home.

The head of the family which rented the Castle from 1911 to 1946, apparently was a medieval age aficionado and he had a suit of armour made for himself. It can be seen in the upstairs window below. He would wear this around the house and supposedly even ate breakfast whilst wearing it.

I did see some “armour” for the NV200 including a blingy stainless steel front grill cover and rear window armoured grills.

Will this become the norm for the Post-Election civil war between the “Dad’s Army” of  Brexiteers and the Liberal Millenial , Corbyn voters? LOL.

This NV200 camper van even has the stub of it’s own “Battle Tower”

NO !    This East Neuk Nissan Cub is far too good to be joked about. I would love one!

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