A reflection on Peace and where to search for Campsites

24 May

Looking back to the 1960s, during the Hippy movement and the promotion of Flower Power, the VW “bus” became a symbol of peace and love for many young people, both here, in the UK and the USA and beyond.

We are now back in the UK and starting a long haul of Summer chores around the house. Daydreaming of where to visit next with our camping “combo” of NV200 and small caravan. The horror of the Manchester Arena attack has me yearning for the anti-violence, but quiet,  campaigning of my youth.

Regular and frequent campers will know of times when , isolated on some remote campsite or beachside location, a fellow camper needed some help. From my own experience, the overwhelmingly vast majority of fellow campers are quick to pull out all the stops, give their time and sometimes money or wordly goods to assist.

I have seen engine repairs carried out at the side of a road, tyres taken for repair, spares collected from a local town and provision of food to the more forgetful. Toast anyone? How about bacon and eggs? Let alone giving unfortunate people lifts to and from a local hospital. Hoping we can return to those happier times.

             Where to look for that haven to stay for a few nights ?

ukcampsites.co.uk          In my humble opinion, one of the best places to search for a campsite !

see  http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/           Have a look for yourself. See you there ! Peace Man !


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