The final few days in Boston, USA. A great place to use an RV

14 May

We walked the Freedom Trail around the central section of Boston. The cops were closing the streets off to accomodate a protest rally. The trail was long and great fun. Spoiled for choice where to eat. Food available from every corner of the Globe.

This place had been on fire the previous day. There were still firemen in breathing apparatus investigating massive sewers beneath the street.

Contrast Paul Revere’s 1680 house with the modern tower blocks. I prefer the old timber places myself.

A little memorial garden on the trail. I gave away all of my change to an ageing Vet, living on the streets just afterwards.  A bagful of ignored, unspent quarters goes a long way.

This guy reminded me of an old biker friend and ex work colleague. Click on this Ian to zoom in. You know, the beard, the helmet and you on just one wheel……… LOL (Private joke, Sven. Sorry if it iritates you…….)

This is where we stayed. We had the ground floor. A bit noisy from traffic and visitors from the local bars but they all seemed pretty well behaved. The boiler was also like the one from the old Film ” The ‘Burbs”. Sounded like a Boeing 777 or similar about to take off ! We laughed a lot !

  Another, wet day, we visited Boston Science Museum for almost the whole day. Great for kids, so perfect for me !

Lots of wildlife exhibits but some interesting things on “Space” and all matters scientific.

It must have been tricky getting this photo of the whole Universe though

  Another lovely day in paradise.



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