Getting back to NV200s and camper van stuff

14 May

The last time I wrote about the NV200 camper van was on the 22nd April. That is some 3 weeks ago, I admit.

Today, I had a comment from Sven in Sweden. He was obviously very upset about my extended holiday ramblings from the USA. He visited the Blog to read about NV200 Camper Vans! Disgusted, he actually asked me to recommend a GOOD NV200 Blog. Well Sven, if you look back into the Archives and actually take the trouble to see how the Blog works, I believe that you will find things to interest you. This Blog has been in existence for more than 3 years and there is a lot to read. Keeping people motivated to keep coming back is a challenge. So taking a break from “my holiday report”, here is a bit about NV200s and Camper Vanning. I still get a visitor , on average, about every 6 minutes of so, 24/7.

If you can afford a secondhand van and either have the skills to convert it yourself ,or have the  additional funds to get it done by mates or by a converter, you can get one of the cheapest beds per night to sleep in anywhere you like. If you can drive there, you can stay there overnight. One of my top ten reasons to have a camper van. ECONOMICAL HOLIDAYS. ( Try over 3 weeks in the USA and compare that !)

   You can tailer make your van to suit you and yours. Individuality.

Cheap and convenient dining. A sandwich near the summit of a mountain? No worries !

Reliable? Sweet Handling? Easy to park? Economcal? NV200. Put enough money down and I will prove the 60 mpg claim. Not day in day out but achievable. Expect 43 mpg unless you drive like a complete prat………..

  Convenience where and when you want it. We like our own loo with us as we travel. You want it, you got it. Dead Easy. A flick of the curtains and you have privacy.

Still need to haul “stuff” about? The school run? Only space for one car? NV200 does the job unless you haul for Chipperfield’s Circus.

  Meet new friends, that stay the course. With a camper van you have it.

Don’t want to spend almost half as much again for your compact camper van. NV200.

I am fortunate to be retired. Normally by choice, I would not venture too far overseas for a holiday, let alone for a long period of time. I love my cat too much for one thing. When you are away from home i can be very dfficult to write about camper vanning, especially when yours is the other side of the Atlantic.

Please, Delve back into the archives. Use the search facility or even pop your search details into Google. This Blog is usually PAGE 1 GOOGLE. Images and/or text   You will probably find what you are looking for.


One Response to “Getting back to NV200s and camper van stuff”

  1. Martin McDowall May 14, 2017 at 6:20 pm #

    Well done on your blog Dinkum ! I for one like a little off piste writing on other subjects, as with yourself , my primary interest is in campervans. In my experience campervanners are by their very nature , interesting and fun loving people so, I was sad to read that one of your Swedish readers did not feel that a little light hearted departure , especially about food, did not meet with his approval. As we travel around in our campervan we all enjoy different experiences and tastes and I think, it is instinctive for us to want to pass on those experiences to like – minded Campervanners. Im always happy to read the next instalment of Dinkum Campers and I’m sure you will get back on track when you return to the uk. Please don’t stop wandering off into new territory now and again, as campervanners all over the world would not expect anything less of your well rounded, well researched writings on an all embracing subject, which INCLUDES, food, travel, sights, sounds and smells and yes a lot of technical talk about Campervans.

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