Kennebunkport then Somerville, Boston. Sun and Mexican food

13 May

We had sadly left the friendly City of Portland and headed South towards our final destination of Boston suburbs and the airport. We detoured to Kennebunkport. It was well worthwhile. This rather upmarket little seaside resort was , for America, a jumble of pastel painted houses and shops, sprinkled with Hotels, Bars and restaurants. Seafood was evident and the Lobster in particular seemed to be singled out for culinary abuse.

We spent more than we should have in the gift shops, our travelling companions even having a stunning model of an ocean going yacht, shipped to their office in California. Eventually, we tore ourselves away and arrived in Somerville at the Northern end of Boston suburbs.

Our modern, pleasant and fresh , ground floor flat, in a centrally located and busy location was close to a variety of delis from around the world. We had a late lunch in a Brazilian mini-mart. I had home made Portuguese style sausage , french fries (of course) whilst our group had a selection of fresh salads, meats and omelettes.

Later that same night, we eventually ordered a selection of Mexiacan food from a take out just a few doors away. The place was full of Mexican builders, picking up foof on their way home. That said it should be good. It was !

I did however make an almost fatal error ! The jalepenos looked just like the green, sliced ones that I buy, pickled from famous German supermarkets in the UK. So, I bravely, without any thought, ate the first big slice that I found on my plate. Mind blowing. Talk about clearing one’s sinus’  …………

The place is heaving with a multi-cultural mix of people. The atmosphere at the childrens’ playground (with open air public swimming pool adjacent) was a joy to experience. We sat soaking up the afternoon sun and topping up our sunburn.

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