A Foody post.

12 May

Whilst away we have enjoyed a lavish family wedding. Hospitality to die for and unlimited opportunity for sampling novel food and drink. One day , however, literally took the biscuit.

Above is a picture of Figgy’s. It is a tiny, takeout and catering shack in Walker Street, Portland. Southern Fried chicken is the speciality and we had ordered a recommended meal.

Inspired by tales of New Orleans, Robert .E. Lee and Hoteliers making millions $$$$$, we ordered half a chicken, a quart of buttermilk mashed potato, broccoli  with biscuit and gravy. Not Lo-Cal. I think not. Why not top it off with a favourite dark stout beer? With a difference. All will power gone? Try this

The verdict.

Possibly the best mash ever eaten. (I sound like my late mom !)

Lightly coated fried chicken worth swimming the Casco Bay for (and you will need to , to burn off the calories!)

A Southern State “biscuit” which is really a savoury scone ( almost a dumpling) with light brown “gravy” sauce.

George Bush’s favourite vegetable . Broccoli.  (That’s it’s only downside….. a Bush connection LOL)

AND the Peanut Porter ?  Fabulous dahling !!!!!! A blast of peanut butter when you open the can, which subsides into proper chocolate malt stout flavours as you swig. Weird but it works. Please drink it in the English village pub style, room temperature, for the fullest of flavours. Hope I can buy this in the UK.

ps Pass the insulin…………


For the non-foodies amongst you, here is a picture of a ferry. I lost interest in it as soon as I smelt the chicken !


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